Saturday, March 5, 2011

Adscend Media Offers- Saturday

1. (long)

2. Cupids UK

3. Quote It 4 Me Insurance

4. Low Rates Plus

5. Life Quote Insider

6. Health Quote Insider

7. 100 Day Loans

8. EasyPayDayLoan

Friday, March 4, 2011

Adscend Media Offers- Friday

1. Accuquote

2. Spice or Nice

3. form)

4. Canadian Income Connection

5. Rate Quote Central

6. Quote Ranger

7. Quote Rabbit

8. MySafeCredit

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

List of Offers GMM Wednesday

2.2Insure4Less – Life (MY) (Life Insurance) (DRCT)

4.Health Quote Insider : Default LP (Female Only) (30+)

7.Program Advisor (Social, PPV, Display)

8.Classes USA

9.College Infopack

10.New Kitchen Replacements

11.Best Senior Care Online - Short Form

12.Sell My House

13.5 Star Auto Protection

Monday, February 28, 2011

List of Offer GMM Tuesday

1.Auto Warranty Mini Form *Exclusive*

2.Auto Warranty Guardian - Exclusive

3.Auto Warranty for Cheap - Exclusive

4.Auto Warranty Family - Exclusive

5.Access Warranty - Auto - US

6.A+ Auto Protection

7. 2insure4less AUTO (25+)(US)

13.Alarm Systems 4 You

14.My Debt Settlement Company - Exclusive

15.Loan Modification - Exclusive

List of Offers GMM Monday

1.US Autos

3. The Hartford AARP-Auto Insurance

4. Insurance Agents - Auto

5. Extended Auto Warranty Now - Exclusive Short Form

6. Discount Cars Insurance

7. Date Match


14. Mortgage Modification - Exclusive

15. My Debt Settlement Company - Exclusive

16. SkinnyAde : Spring Landing Page

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Microworkers-The Best GPT

Microworkers is the next generation of GPT. Don't trust all of those sites paying you .30 cents for completing a task. The websites that submit those offers get around $3-$5 for each time a person completes the offer. The company that advertised the offers make a whopping $10-$15.. is a very good site for people who are looking for workers and earn extra money. IT IS the next step for GPT.

What do you do to get paid?

+ Digging, Buzzing, or Stumbling Upon articles
pretty quick offers
+ Signing up FREE sites
pretty good, still payout as regular GPT sites but higher conversion
+ Viewing ads
pretty quick money
+ Commenting in posts
pretty quick money
+ Writing articles
one of the staples to making money on this website, most are 50-100 words
+ Linking sites
the 2nd fastest way to make money,just link it to your blog and make money

THE FASTEST WAY: Sign up for those insurance and college forms. They pay $1.50-$5.00. I got rejected once out of 24 of those offers.

How much money could you be making?

All tasks paying $.50 or more: $53.99 for 284 minutes ($11.41 per hour)

All tasks paying $.75 or more: $42.09 for 191 minutes ($13.22 per hour)

All tasks paying $1.00 or more: $30.65 for 89 minutes ($20.66 per hour)

All tasks paying $1.50 or more: $22.04 for 58 minutes ($22.80 per hour)

All tasks paying $1.75 or more: $11.47 for 27 minutes ($25.49 per hour)

All tasks paying $.50 or more, with the more time consuming tasks removed: $33.83 for 99 minutes ($22.32 per hour)

Joining as an employer or worker

This is the unique part of Microworkers. From reading my introduction at the beginning, you now know that employers get around $3-$5 from you completing $.50 offers and $10-$15 from you completing $1.50 offers. How? Advertisers pay A LOT for advertising their products. They use websites called CPA and become affiliates such as and You could even join these websites and start campaigns on Microworkers for people to complete them. However, you'll need some starting money, around $15-$50 dollars or so. You could earn the $15 dollars in 30 minutes and the $50 dollars in 2 hours or so on Microworkers as a worker. This is a win win no matter what.

Overview is a site pays you to complete small tasks. I’ve been working on this site for more than half a year and earned more than 200 dollars. Employers post tasks and workers earn money by completing the tasks, the site earns between them. The minimum payout is 9 dollars and the payout twice a month. You can receive money by paypal, moneybookers and checks. Of course you can spend your money on posting tasks. There are specific guidelines about posting tasks and they review every task. For example, you cannot post 0.1 dollar per task for registration and make one post. I’ve got one task rejected, so from the perspective of protecting workers, they are really good. They state that they never allow tasks with same content, but they do, it leaves space for spams. The tasks range from writing an article (usually 2 dollars per article) to simple registration. It is nice source of income for workers who have some basic skills, almost everyone can do it.